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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Funding Creativity

I stumbled upon something yesterday that has me pretty excited.  I've always said that I need a sponsor to help me fund my travels, well, guess what kind of websites are out there now...Creativity funding websites!  I've checked out a few and even started filling out my campaign yesterday.  There are a couple sites for those of us out here with ideas, but lacking the financial support:

Kickstarter-Propose a range of project ideas, and people in the US can make donations.
Indiegogo-Propose a range of project ideas (even educational ones), and people all over the world can 
make donations.

So what is my idea?  Well, I'm traveling to Paris this summer for a longer stay.  Perhaps my Neighborhood Mosaic idea is meant to be manifested into a website first, and a book later.  While in Paris I would write, photograph, and video blog with the goal of educating and motivating others to travel.  I would organize this site by neighborhood so it could be a handy resource for travelers or people who travel vicariously.  I will interview Parisians, and truly immerse myself in the culture.  Seems like fun to me...

I need funding because I struggle to pay for the trip itself, let alone the technology I'd need to complete a project like this.  I hope to finish creating my campaign today.  Please stay tuned for a link!

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