I'm now on my fourth blog. I find myself missing the reflection that writing each day for a year promoted. 2013's goal is to write my book. Keep track of my progress as I pursue the dream of being a published writer.

Friday, March 1, 2013


Here is an update on life.  Today is the last day for the Rick Steves' website contest.  I will find out in a month if I win or not.  So far, there is only one that I think may be better, but I don't know if it is really better or not.

On another note, today was pie in the face day for 5th grade.  We completed a fundraiser to help support people in Africa.  Through a group called World Visions, we were able to buy 6 goats that can be used in many ways to help families.  For each dollar a student brought in, they were given one ticket to enter a raffle.  Today we pulled three tickets for people to pie us in the face and two tickets for people to dump water on us today.  It was pretty awesome.  I posted a couple photos so you can see the fun we had.