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Sunday, January 27, 2013

A Weekend About Travel

It may be possible that I was so happy this weekend that I almost levitated.  Talking about travel is thrilling to me; the only thing that is better is actually traveling.  Chicago hosted the Travel and Adventure show which had guest speakers including RICK STEVES, Pauline Frommer, Chris Harrison (host of the bachelor), and Patricia Schultz (author of 1,000 Places to See Before you Die).  I think we all know who I was most excited to see.

One of the highlights of the weekend actually involved Rick's France expert: Steve Smith.  We stopped by the booth to talk about our trip this summer and get some ideas about day trips from Paris.  I felt like I was in my element talking about things to see and do.  Lori, just so you know, Strasbourg is about a 2 hour bullet train ride away.  It is highly recommended that we visit.  Janey, just so you know, he recommends Bruges as the one place we spend overnight out of all the places we could visit.  I cannot wait!

I realized the first day that I would not be able to have a conversation with Rick like I was hoping, so for the second day I equipped myself with a thank you letter to give to him.  I hope that he reads it.  I LOVE TRAVEL!!!

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  1. Love your pictures and comments on the travel show. Talking travel with the experts would be heaven to me. I share your enthusiasm.